Congratulations Sonya

On Saturday 2nd August 2014, The Wandering Minstrel travelled to Swindon to surprise Sonya on her hen night. Her friends told the minstrel lots of things about her and they all went into the song.

On this page you will find, the artwork for the photo laminated lyric sheet, and the CD artwork, together with the audio for Sonya's CD and the lyrics too.  If you have photos and videos from this special surprise, that you would like to appear here, you may post the link into the comments box or send us an email if you need some help.

We also hope that you will use the share buttons on this page to share this with Sonya's family and friends who coul not be there on the night.

My thanks to Sian and all the other hens for making this happen.

Audio for Congratulations Sonya

Video for Congratulations Sonya

My thanks to Sian and the the other hens for sending me this short video clip of her Real Singing Telegram. Notice the reactions on people's faces, this is the reason why I do this. This was an absolutely amazing Telegram and I just love performing it. Thanks again to Sonya, sian and all the other hens for making this happen.

Lyrics for Congratulations Sonya

Congratulations Sonya

Now, Sonya, it’s your hen night, Congratulations are due
Because I hear that you’re marrying Tim,
so they’ve sent this minstrel to sing to you.
I’ve heard so many stories, all about the things you do,
But Sonya, it seems they always involve alcohol it’s  true

And so I’m here to say good luck on your wedding day
Tell me are they true the things that your friends all say
That you’re obsessed with orphan Annie, and Frozen, so they say,
And a giant creme caramel baby, that you made one day
And Sian and Sonya keep on rolling, rolling, rolling everyday

You introduce everyone to Jager bombs, Sonya, I’ve heard  that this is true
And I’ve heard that pickled gherkins, are better than kebabs for you
Your dance moves are brilliant this I know,
but they’re nicked from Charlie Brook’s fitness video
And you’ve sucked wine from Rachael’s rug, you’d spilt it on the floor we know.

You’re soon to become Sonya Sands, and you love each other this is clear
And after your surprise engagement party,
he had the whole wedding booked within a month I hear.
And the ones you love are all here with you,
your mum Loraine and Tim’s mum Dorothy too,
But your massive rabbit buttercup, can’t be here tonight it’s true.