Happy 40th Birthday Toni

On Saturday 22nd february 2014, The Wandering Minstrel travelled to Didsbury in Manchester, to surprise former world kickboxing champion Toni "The Tiger" Taylor on her 40th birthday. Her brother and sister had told The Minstrel everything about Toni, and it all went into the song. The Wandering Minstrel surprised Toni, sang the special song all about her, and then presented her with a full band production audio CD of the very song. On this page you will find the audio from Toni's special CD, the lyrics and some of the photos that were printed onto Toni's CD and the laminated photo lyric sheets. If you have any photos or videos of the surprise, that you would like to appear on this page, just paste the web address into the comments box and I will make sure that it appears on the page. Alternatively contact us to discuss sending us the files.

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Audio from Toni's CD

Lyrics for Toni's song

Now, Toni, on this special day, it's your birthday I've been told

That's why Faye sent this minstrel here, because you're turning 40 years old

You're a world champion kickboxer, and "Tiger" was your name, I hear

you're a one of a kind, rare and crazy person it's clear.


And Toni, we would like to say, have the happiest birthday

Life without you really would be a bore.

And I heard your mum had to say 21st of Feb. was her happiest day

Cause that's the day that her little chipmunk was born.


When you were young you climbed the balcony of Jarvis House to the 7th floor, I see

You woke up all the neighbours at 4 am it's true, with fire engines shining lights on you

and you all wrote on your graffiti wall, hung your brother from the banister you may recall

and you sang with your mum "It should have been me".


You love Annie Apple and Pork Chop Alfie too, and Jane, your adopted Grandma too.

You drew Garfield and snoopy pics I'll state, and your hand made cards always arrive late.

I hear your Gaydar never works for you, and no one loses their phone quite as much as you.

So I'll say "Tot ziens" and happy birthday to you.