Tribute Songs

The tribute song is a way to tell someone how much they mean to you.

There does not have to be a reason to have The Wandering Minstrel write, produce and sing the song as a special surprise performance, but here are a few very good reasons.

Just as they acheive something important like graduating from university, passing a driving test, running a marathon, a medal at the olympics, or any thing that makes you proud of them.

Wedding Tribute Song

Tribute songs are also perfect for weddings, whether the bride surprises the groom, the groom surprises the bride or the whole family surprise them as a couple. We always suggest that all of the stories that you want included in the song are also included in the speeches before, a quiz, then even those who wont know all the stories will still get the jokes when they come out in the song.

Funeral Tribute Song

Now you may not have realised that we do these tribute songs for funerals too but they are perfect. Of course it is rare that the song is sung in the minstrel costume, but they can be sung live, usually in a black suit.

Alternatively, you can play the full band production audio CD at the service, or we could produce a stunning animated video of the song, featuring 20 - 30 photos to help tell the story. I am assured that in America these funeral tribute videos are very popular but that is without the song that is all about your loved one.

We do however, recommend that you do still include all of the funny things in the song. The prupose of these songs is to celebrate their lives, exactly as they were. Laughing about all those funny things that were part of their life, is very important. You also get to take the CD of the song that celebrates their life, home with you.