Valentine's day - Singing Telegrams UK

A Real Singing Telegram by The Wandering Minstrel is the perfect gift for Valentines Day.

In Medieval times the Minstrels were often called upon to perform special declarations of love songs. The noble men would pay the minstrel to write a song and declare his love to the fair maiden. This still goes on today and on Valentine's Day it has become this minstrel's busiest day of the year. It is advisable to book early for Valentine's Day. As he has been known to turn people away. On Valentines Day, semi personalised songs and fully personalized songs are available.

In 2015, of course we will also have our DVD singing telegrams for valentines day, which you can send anywhere in the world from just $10 for a semi personalized song this includes the DVD cover printed with your photos on it, and on the body of the DVD too, The full band production audio CD of the song including the semi personalised lyrics.

You can have a full song written all about your valentine, for the CD and DVD

Here is a sample of a DVD singing telegram, semi personalised. This one is for a wedding anniversary but we think you will get the idea. You can see one of the green screen background we have that would fit for Valentine's Day

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