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The Wandering Minstrel's services are perfect for weddings, whether it is a surprise for the bride, the groom or for both of them. Including all your funny family stories into the song makes it extra special, especially because he presents them with a full band production audio CD of the very song to treasure forever.
Below you can see The Wandering Minstrel surprise Debbie on her wedding day, Ben pretended that he lost the cards for his wedding speech and phone someone to help and bail him out. Then in walks the minstrel to finish his speech in song.
A special wedding singing telegram for Bryan and Anny Lomax, as a surprise performance for Bryan at their wedding reception, featuring a specially written song all about them, a full band production audio recording, and a stunning animated music video of the special song. The first part of the video shows the surprise, and the live performance of the special song, then you will see the music video, which has lots of photos of Bryan and Anny, in a special music video of the full band production audio of the full song.
When The Wandering Minstrel first started in Liverpool, weddings were the most popular type of greeting.Most of the time they were a surprise for the bride and groom and they had no idea that he was about to sing a song all about them. Today, not all wedding greetings that we do are surprises for the bride and groom. Sometimes the bride and groom book a greeting as entertainment for the guests. What better entertainment at a wedding than a song all about the bride and groom, that tells the story of how they met, fell in love and how their love blossomed. As most of the information in the song has probably just been shared in the speeches, even guests who do not know the couple will get the jokes in the song. Now the amazing thing about the fully personalised songs that are included in the video is that they come with the license for you to be able to use the music. Let's say you want to make a slideshow or a wedding video, if you used a famous song you would have to obtain a license from PRS / MCPS. I have heard that some unsrupulous wedding video  providers will tell you this is not so, but believe me it is. You could use stock music that your video company can provide but there is no personal connection, to the couple. Having a song that is all about the couple makes your wedding video all the more personal and special, and the license to use it comes free when you book a fully personalised, Real Singing Telegram. I am hoping to have a live video for you soon but here is one of the slideshow videos I was talking about andyou can see how it looks and sounds. Don't forget you have other options too, you can have us make you up a music video like the one below, so you can play it at your wedding reception or we can put it on a karaoke DVD, so that anyone you know can sing it on the day. Maybe the bride can sing it to the groom or the other way round.
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